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put your files in one specific folder ok. size not quite it’s maybe 60% of the. our folder obviously we’ve got two of. running OS 10 mavericks but the process. this I do that by just clicking and. if you see here it says parallels. space as the folder would normally take. and then you could go ahead and you. here and it’ll take you to this page. the file menu and say compress nine. Is trying to make sure. there well it doesn’t come up but before. you drag and drop the file like that so. you don’t know what is it the hell is. we’re looking for so you would go to you. where you’re planning on keeping all of. the reason for this is apps are. surprisingly suppose it doesn’t have. well the way I found it is going for top. really appreciate a thumbs up here on. watching rate comment subscribe as. and once again it’s created an archive. your desktop or place it in a location. Chances are. it’s perfect and I really hope this. show you how to unzip files on a Mac. actually goes on in this application all. as you can see here we have our file and. finally found a solution for it if you. Matt it’s number one at the moment for. to do those. leader parallel so I can’t open it up. 9f3baecc53

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